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Colorful Door & I Project

Torn Dreams

The spoken word album "Torn Dreams" is now available on all digital platforms

Voice in Silence

"Voice in Silence" as a single announcing the upcoming spoken word album "Torn Dreams" which will appear on all major stream platforms on May 17

Hatta (Englische Version)

Hatta (English version) only on Bandcamp https://colorfuldoor.bandcamp.com/track/hatta-english-version


New instrumental album "Eventide" available on all major streaming platforms


The new album "Source" is now available on all streaming platforms


Passenger" as the announcement single of the upcoming album, which will be released at the beginning of October on all major stream services


New song "Ponekad" - out now. Available on all streaming services


The new single "Glas" as an announcement of the upcoming album "Otisci vremena" . Released by Records DK2 on juli, 2023. Listen on all major streaming platforms

Otisci Vremena

Available on all major stream platforms The album "Otisci Vremena" was released in early August 2023.

Bez Tebe

New single out now. Available on all streaming services


New song "Lutka" from the upcoming album. It was published at the beginning of June 2023. Listen on all relevant stream services

New Simplicity

Colorful Door & I Project's (Musiklabel: 3229228 Records DK2) instrumental album "New Simplicity" released in October 2022. Listen to the album on all stream platforms

Fake News ( Album)

The '"Fake News" (independent edition) album came out in March 2022. Listen to the album on all stream services


The first single from the upcoming album "Fake News" Released: September, 2021. Listen to the single on all stream services

Between Two Worlds

Colorful Door & I Project "Between Two Worlds" (independent edition) is an instrumental album released in November 2021. The album was released on the Bandcamp platform and you can only listen or download it there

Colorful Door & I Project

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Album " Eventide" -- out now

It's often the quiet sounds that resonate the loudest ...

There are some musicians who enjoy making music and don't care if anyone hears it or not. They do it for their own pleasure and without thinking about any compromises. One of them is the singer-songwriter and Spoken Word performer Colorful Door, a self-confessed artist. He is a simple musician who plays simple instrumentals in which he does not prove that he is a top guitarist, but offers incredibly attractive and warm melodies. Like the stories of some dear people whom we remember most of our lives. That these are not lightly composed compositions is evidenced by the fact that their undisguised beauty can hardly pass as background music, because with their impressive musical vocabulary, they unexpectedly attract attention and invite careful listening, and then surrendering to musical stories. The Colorful Door is a musical alter ego and is the musical idea of Ramo Kurtović. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colorful Door is a singer-songwriter based in Vienna. Although he has long made his physical home in Central Europe, musically he lives somewhere between the worlds of jazz and blues, with influences ranging from Gill Scot Heron, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Colorful Door has been writing songs and poetry for over 30 years. He returned to the stage in 2019 and since then he has often collaborated with other artists and diligently built his repertoire as an excellent singer-songwriter. His songs have been performed at various Spoken Word festivals around the world. When not in the studio, Colorful Door can be found walking in the woods or with a coffee and a book.
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